Web Packages

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What You Get

All of these are included with any of the above three pricing options

Website Architecture

We will use the world’s most used CMS (Content Management System) WordPress with the world’s most popular and powerful theme – this ensures that your site is safe, fast, and continually being updated and improved.

Beautiful Visuals

Although your site may not wins awards we do make sure that it isn’t an eyesore. We make every effort to have it looking great by using top quality stock photos, icons, and logos – all chosen at your discretion.

SEO Optimization

Web Design without SEO is like a tropical island without sunlight: beautiful but invisible. In fact, today good SEO is certainly more important than a good site. We’ll take care that your site is visible to Google from day #1.

Content Strategy

Although we won’t write your content (it’s a little silly for someone outside your industry to do this) we can give you pointers as for how to go about it. Added to that, it’s really tricky to get going without your content up frontĀ – so have it ready, if possible.

Mobile Friendly Wesbite

If you are not sure what “responsive” means, this is it! A site that looks equally grand on tablet, mobile or a giant desktop is quintessential today. We’ve made design decisions to make sure this will be the case.

Three months of Support

We would hate to have you getting into trouble so early on in your website’s life and so, much a like a caring grandparent, we will help you survive through the infancy of managing your site.

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