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Basic Website - R9,500

Your website will encompass all these features below


With easy-to-read fonts, complimentary colour schemes, simple navigation, and intuitive design, your site’s visitors will be well pleased navigating around to their heart’s content.


This means it looks good on every screen size imaginable from mobile, to tablet, to laptop, to a giant-screened iMac. This is an essential feature in today’s day and age.


There are not many things worse than an ugly, difficult website. We’ll ensure the website is slick, modern, visually appealing, and something you’ll be more than happy to refer your clientele to.

Basic Design

We’ll sort you out for a logo (if you are without) and also find you some really nifty, fitting icons to help viewers visualise what you have to say. We can source images, too, if need be but they usually come with a cost.

Multiple pages

Have up to ten separate pages including a blog to advertise all that you have to offer. If you need more, just let us know and we’ll make a plan. Need an example of a website? You’re on one now!

A walkthrough

How to maintain your website, writing your first blog, initiating Google Analytics… it can all be a little intimidating. We’ll ensure you head down the path of success with a nifty document detailing all these important things.

Alternative Payment Options

If a once-off payment is going to break the bank, then why not opt for a monthly payment scheme? At R450 per month for all of the above and hosting, it is a steal. The downside is that the payments are ongoing (enabling us to recoup all that upfront work), the upside is that (after the site has launched) we will do one hour of webwork on your site indefinitely.

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Additional Services Pricing

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