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WordPress is simple, robust, safe and powers 25% of the world’s websites for a reason. We could go elsewhere but find that for almost every situation, it is the perfect fit. Below are some examples of sites we have done since beginning back in March 2015.


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Some of our Projects

Paper Flower Artistry

Certainly a unique trade, this wonderful client needed a slightly edgy, different site to make her stand out – as if the unique work she did wouldn’t do that alrea


Our first E-commerce client, RentX asked us to take their site to the next dimension by integrating WooCommerce with their existing site. A fun (and learning) exercise that took a week or so to comp


A one-pager with the sole purpose of showcasing these laptop stands. If you don’t like the site, at least buy a stand!

Baithe Photography

Showcasing photographs, ranking for SEO, and a pleasure to navigate – these are the main factors taken into consideration for this site. Juding by the success, we’d say it worked out well.


A social networker by trade and personality, this site was to lauch the business from word-of-mouth to an online world ready to hire her.


A niche Behavioural Economics company  they needed something simple and catchy for bagging those big client accounts. Judging by their clientele, it worked! A real pleasure working on this client…

Cave Consulting

A simple WordPress site for an engineering consultant. Minimalist as he required.

Ecolution Consulting

This client asked for a simple WordPress site, and one that is geared for SEO so that clients searching for their services would see them at the top of Google’s search results. It worked and they rank well.

Joie de Vivre

A country lodge located close to Paarl, this client wanted a basic website that would be better than their old one that was 20 years old!


If what we do is something you like the look of then look no further and get in touch with us today. We are geared towards small businesses and having pricing plans that understand monthly cash flow restraints.