Some of the people we have made websites for


We added e-commerce functionality to this site using WooCommerce and various complicated payment gateways. The company has a fascinating business model as it rents tracking devices to adventurers prone to get lost in the middle of nowhere!

Paper Flower Artistry

This London-based artist creates unique flowers… out of paper! Certainly not an ordinary occupation by any stretch of the imagination but a fascinating client to work with. They wanted something a little different (much like their offering) and this is what we gave them. Site is still awaiting a launch date…

NetworkMe is a website we made for a UK client who is hoping to reach more potential customers by having her own website. Added to that, she needed a good platform for her blogging and Instagram feeds to be showcased.


This website is for a sustainability and green building consultancy. A small but up-and-coming firm, they required a new website so that future clients would take them more seriously.


This website was made for three colleagues starting their own Marketing Research company. They needed something done that would echo their brand image – one that is analytical, clean, modern, and precise.


A small, one-page website used to market the first few products of Coppermein – a new industrial design company in Cape Town. Plans are for it to become an e-commerce store by year end.


This is the first site I made for my photography company. It was, again, a simple WordPress site to showcase images in a gallery, allow people to see my pricing structure, and then hopefully call me.

Joie de Vivre

This Country Lodge needed a website to help them attract more customers to use their conferencing and accommodation facilities. They also asked us to help them with Google My Business, Google Analytics, a well-thought out SEO strategy, an Adwords campaign and likely will want a booking platform in months to come, too!

Cave Consulting

Still under construction (much like the client’s clients projects, if you follow what I mean) this website will be for a consultant in structural engineering who simply wants to showcase his portfolio and offering.

SBT Security

Still in progress, this firm needs a website to showcase their offering of ATM security and protection both locally and abroad.

Who's next?

Let us know if you’d like to be our next client…