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What we do

What we Do

The typical situation…

Most new businesses are small with limited cash flow and need an online presence. Fast.

What we have noticed is that they can’t afford a fancy site and top notch SEO until after they have more money coming in. This is why we have chosen to specialise our services to cater for this niche. A niche of clients that need: a simple site that looks professional, will be found by a local Google search, and maybe with an AdWords campaign tacked on for inital visiblity.

This means the new buiness owner can focus on growing their business, whether than means developing their product, meeting clients, or just plain long, hard hours of work!

Simple five page Website


Implement Basic Content & SEO

Use an affordable WordPress Theme

Launch a Google AdWords campaign

Home Page

We all want an award-winning home page so that when people visit our site they are blown away. We make our best effort to ensure that this is the case and focus most of our time on getting this right – the rest of the site just follows the tone we set here.

Depending on your budget, we can source a logo, icons, stock images, and pick the perfect WordPress template and combine it all to make an alluring first impression to would be customers.

Thereafter, the rest is easy! We find that setting up the site with a tone you would appreciate is the hard part – after that: it’s just generating content and replicating it across the site.


We ensure that your site is fully resposive. This means that it looks amazing on all devices, whether it is a large desktop, a tablet, or mobile device. As they screen size changes, so the site’s content will too, making all users happy. Added to that, Google highly values the performance of a site on phones, so nowadays it is a must.

Typical Website Example

View a few pages from a typical website here. We have perfectionist tendencies and have taken every care to make sure that the site looks great from start to finish.

Want to see more?

View a few of our clients websites. We have more to show you and will add those with time but this should give you something to start with…